Hugo Devillers, M.Sc.


Hugo Devillers, M.Sc. PhD Student

Saarland University
Computer Graphics Lab
Saarland Informatics Campus E1 1, Room E11, 66123 Saarbrücken, Germany
Research Interests
programming languages acceleration data structures gpu programming


Hi ! My name is Hugo (pronounced Ügo for german speakers), I’m from Belgium, but probably not the bit you are thinking of. I grew up next to Luxembourg and France, and so actually not that far from Saarland. My native language is thus French, but I hope to become trillingual by the time I finish my PhD !

After getting a master’s degree in Sciences Informatiques at the University of Namur, I decided to pursue a computer graphics career, and end up, naturally, working on compilers. Any jokes aside, I do enjoy what I do very much, I work on the AnyDSL research project and more generally (optimising) compilers and programming models, but still with the perspective of computer graphics. I also have an interest acceleration structures, which were the topic of my master thesis.

Outside of typical computer-related interests, I have an interest in the automotive world, including classic, obscure or modified cars, and working on them myself.


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