Summer Term 2018

Here you find the courses offered by the Chair for Computer Graphics.

Distributed Computing

In this seminar we will investigate programming paradigms for distributed computing beyond MPI.

Realistic Image Synthesis

This advanced lecture discusses the mathematical concepts and algorithms that are used to simulate the propagation of light in a virtual scene. The topics include Monte Carlo sampling, various Global Illumination algorithms (from the basic Path Tracing algorithm to more advanced algorithms like Vertex Connection and Merging), and HDR imaging. In the practical exercises, the students implement some of the algorithms discussed in the lecture in a lightweight rendering framework.

Rendering Techniques

In this seminar we will follow up on some rendering techniques related to rasterization and hardware accelerated rendering. In CG1 we already touched the inner workings of today’s graphics APIs and hardware briefly. In this seminar students will further investigate specific parts of the rendering pipeline using a software rasterizer in order to implement respective rendering techniques.

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