Qingqin Hua, M.Sc.


Qingqin Hua, M.Sc. PhD Student

Saarland University
Computer Graphics Lab
Saarland Informatics Campus E1 1, Room E11, 66123 Saarbrücken, Germany
Research Interests
multiple importance sampling spectral rendering fluorescence modelling


Hi! I am Qingqin (read as “Chin-Chin”), usually I prefer to be called Qin (“Chin”) or Hua. I grew up in Shanghai, China.

My interest in graphics started the first time I watched Frozen. I remember the moment I was impressed by the visual effects in the movie even now. After my bachelor’s in the School of Digital Media, Jiangnan University, I spent some time doing engineering in a VFX company, where I rose my interests to PBR. I then entered Matfyz, Charles University, to do my master’s degree in (not only) offline rendering. Luckily, I had the chance to research fluorescence modeling and didn’t lose interest in graphics research during my years in Matfyz. :) This brings me here to keep continuing my journey of light transport simulation.

In my “off rendering” time, I enjoy singing all kinds of music and watching musicals. I am also a fan of Disney Animation and Sci-fi. I speak some Cantonese, Japanese and perfect Mandarin.