Hello there!

I'd love to introduce to you - my dream house. It was following me through the nights, through my dreams, becoming important to me. Therefore the rendering competition was not only important to me as a competition itself, but the project did also get a heart-project for me.

A big gate seperates the property from the street. Swinging open automatically by button press. Behind that gate a long driveway in two directions, with fountains seperating the directions. The fountains are lit with different colors from underneath and under these a big aquarium is located in the middle of a big garage. The garage can be opened automatically - a big shutter rises from the driveway - to let cars drive in.

But if you drive down the driveway to end - there you will encounter a huge glas front of a big house with two floors and flat roof, on which - under an awning - a fireplace and cosy couches reach into the sky. Towards the two wings of the building solar panels string one after another.

Parking in front of the |_|-designed building one can already catch an eye of the huge entrance hall in thats middle a big chandelier hangs down from the roof, dissipating the light in all directions. Behind that, a six meter wide stairway leads 4 meters upwards into the second floor - with a stainless steel handrail continuing in the second floor to protect people from falling into the entrance area. At the left and the right, the floor of the second floor protrudes into the entrance area - just as far, as the outer wings are wide. Here on each side, couches, a TV and a big bookshelf against the east wall. Also - another smaller staircase leads up th the roof here.

Here on the right - the guest (west-)wing starts - a long hallway, with rooms to the right and a wall with a long glas-mirror window in head-height to the left - where one can have a look into the beautiful inner courtyard, with a big swimming pool in the middle and a huge discoball hanging from the roof, reflecting all the beautiful, rainbow ordered lights from the pool.

Right across one can see the same kind of hallway - the hallway of the private sector - in the eastwing. Under these private rooms the big, open kitchen is located, with a long, extendable table in front of a kitchen console with stoves and serving console, which is in front of the main kitchenette, with a big double sided fridge, with an ice dispenser on one side.

The glas front into the inner courtyard let's the eye wander over the pool, surrounded by the same wooden floor as the whole first floor has - over to the livingroom with a big bar towards the entry hall, couches here and there around rather smaller tables, ideal for poker-evenings or other card or board games - and a big canvas screen on the head side of the room. Behind the bar in a big shelf, loads of different glases reflect the light into the room, nicely ordered, spick and span.

To the open side of the inner courtyard, a big removable glas wall seperates the courtyard from the far desert of South-Africa not far from the eastern coast.

So let's see how this looks like - when standing at the window in the second floor, staring through the inner courtyard into the far south african distance.