Our creative Vision: Night Out

See our creative vision realized with the powerful features of Strahlverfolger

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Why Strahlverfolger

Fast Intersection Testing
By using highly optimized algorithms, Strahlverfolger computes even complex scene geometry in minimal time
Diverse Materials
Strahlverfolger features a large set of materials to suit the needs of all your scenes
Intuitive Texturing solutions
Coordinate Mappers for different geometric shapes like planes, spheres and cylinders can be used out-of-the-box.
Smart Instance Rendering
The huge array of builtin matrix operations makes instanced rendering a breeze
Creative Lighting possibilities
Not being limited to standard light sources, Strahlverfolger is able to realize even your wildest lighting scenarios
Web Development
Many more features like smooth triangles, depth of field, environment mapping etc. await you

Additional Features

Depth of Field

Depth perception via Lens simulation

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Projective light source

Projection of images onto the scene via a special light source

Combined materials

Combined materials are also used in the scene, enabling us to create many different materials

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Post 1

Fuzzy Glass

To create glass that does not look completely clear, we implemented fuzzy glass to have a more blurred look


Night Out

Being inspired by the "Blade Runner"-esque aesthetic of neon-lit asian cities at night, we wanted to capture this same vision. As noone on our team has any artistic background, we used Blender to create a simple scene to serve as our frame.
To support the reflection of light we decided to give the outdoor materials of our scene a "mirror-glossy" property to represent the wet look of the scene. Therefore we used a combined material for the road and the sidewalk. The material is a mixture of the lambertian texture and a small portion of a phong and mirror material. Since we really wanted to include neon advertisements but didn't have volume lights, we decided to use an emmisive material to represent these "lights".
The stereotypical glowing chinese characters were really important to us as we felt that they are the main anchor point of the aesthetic direction we were going for. However, we felt the scene was somewhat lacking in detail, so we added some clutter and more objects to the scene to make it look less sterile.
When we were satisfied with the general look of the scene, we added a car onto the street and ported it to Strahlverfolger, tweaking the perspective and some small details in the process.

Environment Mapping

Reflections of the city can be seen in the car's fender

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Post 1

Fuzzy glass

The implementation of fuzzy glass enabled us to create a sweaty and greasy atmosphere in the restaurant

Use of IOR

Using different indices of refraction creates the illusion of the rooms having different inclinations

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Post 1

Neon Lights

Using emissive materials, we resembled neon lights which are also correctly reflected