Multimedia Interdisciplinary Client Analysis System (MICAS)

The MICAS project is done in close collaboration with the Sint Marie institute, located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Sint Marie is an orthopedagocical expertise and knowledge center for research and treatment of children and young people with communication problems, which can be related to severe hearing impairment, speech and language disorders, or disorders from the autism spectrum. The institute offers around-the clock research, advice, and treatment for people suffering from those problems.

Treatment at Sint Marie is strongly based on recording both audio and video of therapy sessions and analyzing the stored data afterwards. Up to now, material was stored on VHS tape and, more recently, on DVD media. As a result, the recordings are accessible only locally, and very cumbersome to distribute among different scientists working at different locations, and, in doing so, keeping access restricted to preserve the patient's anonymity in the process.

Our involvement in the MICAS project is to simplify the way audio and video is recorded, processed, and later accessed again from different locations in the network. Based on the Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware (NMM), we create a system for digitally recording and storing therapy session data, and access the created files transparently from within the network through a standard Internet browser. NMM ensures synchronicity between audio and video, and enables transparent handling of multimedia data within any network.

More Info

Please contact Alexander Löffler for more details in the context of the MICAS project.