We compare 19 scenes rendered for 10 minutes each. Classic RR denotes prefix-weight based Russian roulette starting at the fifth bounce. ADRRS (RR) is the adjoint-driven Russian roulette method by Vorba et al. [2016], and ADRRS (RRS) is the variant thereof that includes splitting. Ours (RR) is our efficiency-aware Russian roulette method, with Ours (RRS) additionally including splitting. Ours (RRS) w/o primary splits is a variant of our method that does not perform RR or splitting at the primary hit point. For more details, please consult our paper.

We thank the following people for providing test scenes: Benedikt Bitterli, Johannes Hanika (Necklace), Miika Aittala, Samuli Laine, and Jaakko Lehtinen (Veach Door), Evermotion and Tiziano Portenier (Glossy Kitchen, Bookshelf, Glossy Bathroom), Ondřej Karlík (Pool), Wig42 (Living Room, Staircase, Dining Room, Modern Living Room), Jay-Artist (Kitchen, Living Room (2)), Samuli Laine and Olesya Jakob (Hairball), Marios Papas, Maurizio Nitti and Marko Dabrović (Sponza), Nacimus (Bathroom), SlykDrako (Bedroom), thecali (Spaceship), MrChimp2313 (House), and Ludvík Koutný (Corona).