SORA: a Service-Oriented Rendering Architecture

Michael RepplingerAlexander LöfflerBenjamin Schug, and Philipp Slusallek

Proceedings of Software Engineering and Architectures for Realtime Interactive Systems (SEARIS) @ IEEE Virtual Reality 2010

Waltham, MA, USA

March 20-24, 2010



In the field of visual computing, different technologies like multimedia or physics simulation merge with 3D computer graphics to create more realistic virtual worlds. During this process, 3D scene graph systems have evolved from being pure hierarchical containers of 3D geometry to full application specification frameworks. Through scripting and event routing, for example, the specification of entire (sub-)applications is possible inside a scene graph.

Nonetheless, today's scene graph renderers are very monolithic: the single renderer has to be aware of every individual node type and its specific implementation. This makes exchange and recombination of different renderers impossible. In contrast to a single-renderer approach, we present SORA, a service-oriented architecture for rendering. SORA enables combining different specialized services, each of which operating only on parts of the same scene graph. We show an extensible and flexible framework for describing and implementing such services, as well as example service implementations interacting with each other.