Midnight Coffee

By Tobias Schneider and Yannick Schording

High Res Low Res
Midnight Coffee is a scene that mixes realism and surreal elements. Imagine a normal coffee visit at the witching hour at 0 o'clock. After taking a seat you realize the glowing plant reflected in the window. After some time, you realize more glassy details between the coffee fans.
Have a look at it!
In the brainstorming process we first had the idea of a Japanese garden with many unusual plants. However, this idea was discarded relatively quickly and reality caught up. Late at night we looked at our desk and saw half-full coffee cups. The final scene idea was born! A succulent from Japanese gardens was placed on the table to pick up the first ideas again. Later in the rendering process the plant got its luminosity. Surreality has now found a place in our scene.
Since placing the assets that we use from the web into the scene manually is a very tedious task and did not lead to the desired goal, we decided to create the scene in Blender using the objects listed below in the "Sources" section. To illuminate the scene we used three different directional lights. Two of them were purely white and angled slightly against each other to immitate multiple lightsources. The last one was colored slightly brownish to give the whole scene a more comfortable vibe. To complement the light sources and to add a slightly surreal touch to the scene we made it so that the leaves of the plant emmit a small amount of light. For textures and material assignment, the flower pot was given a semi-mirroring surface. A small but fine detail is the glassy cow between the two coffee pots.
  • Fuzzy Mirror
    We used the Fuzzy Mirror material to add a metal like, reflective texture to the plant pot. The goal here was to make the scene more interesting and
  • Glass
    The window in the back of the scene is composed of the glass material from the lecture. Against the contrast of the dark night which spreads behind it reflects the bright interior of the scene. Addtionally as a little detail and reference to the lecture we placed a glass-cow in between the two coffee cups.
  • Depth of Field
    To give the whole scene a slightly more realistic and artistic look we used the depth of field camera from the assignments. An advantage of using it is that some small lacks of detail in the background get hidden by the blur.