Shattered World

An entry to the CG1 rendering competition made by
Fynn Joshua Naumann and Siddhant Jain

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You can download the final render in different sizes below

1920x1080 1365x1024 480x270

Making of


The main modeling of the scene happened in Blender. We created most of the 3D models by hand. The branches near the fire, rock and tree trunks were found on web (see References). We added a island, fire, some threes and a lake with a hand-made texture and combined and scaled all of those to a nice scene. The space in the background is an image. The lake material is created by combining mirror material and lambertian material. The shattered mirror is self-made with different shapes, edges and angle all reflecting the scene and the background

Ideas and Iterations

The basic idea of the scene was to make a low poly floating island, but to have the camera face away from the scene and show everything in a broken mirror.
We experimented with different designs for the mirror and ended up with a rather simple design since it seemed to fit the scene better than the more complex versions.


Background by DalbertG Branches & Rocks