Night Forest

Computer Graphics Rendering Competition
Winter Term 20/21

Conception of the Scene

The forest is a place most people avoid at night. However this allows flora and fauna the chance to develop freely in their natural beauty. We provide an insight into this admirable scene where the nature still prevails so powerful.


Lights and Materials

We used several pointlights in the scene to highlight important objects. Trees, bird and deer are of lambertian material with their respective emission textures. The ground uses a perlin noise texture that interpolates between darker and lighter brown colors. The eyes of the animals are made of glass which seemed to be the best method with our renderer to give them a realistic look. The stars and the moon are basically lambertian spheres in the sky which are postprocessed to give them kind of a diffuse glowing around them.


We only used materials and lights that we had to implement during the practical Assignments. We only added parallelization to the renderer and the postprocessing operation for our sky (blurStars method in renderer class) which iteratively adds some slightly darker pixels around the stars. (Simon)

Technical Details

  • Rendered on a machine with following components:
  • CPU: Intel i5-8250U, 1.6 GHz (QuadCore)
  • GPU: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620
  • RAM: 8 GB