by Moritz Miodek and Noah Ditzler


We all use screens in our daily lives to entertain us, be it your phone, pc or tv, we love to stare into the information web that our world has become. This constant filtering and absorbtion of data shapes the way we think, we see, we precieve our surroundings, even after we become aware and see ourselves.


Scene Description

The scene depicts a room with a central couch and various objects placed near the three shown walls including a mirror on the left, as well as blue ceiling lights The central object in the scene is the television screen giving insight into the room from behind the main viewing perspective. The television is seated on a shelve that includes one random elephant, a wednesday frog and an awesome giraffe with a way too big neck. Note that we really wanted to include an elephant in the room.


All 3d objects in the scene were custom made in blender and afterwards imported into the ray tracer. Additionally we make use of a mirror material on the left wall as well as a special reccam material to achieve the recursive view of the tv screen, that transfers the ray to a new camera in the scene. It was implemented by Noah in rt/materials/reccam.* and makes use of an identity coord mapper that returns the local coordinates of the intersection with a quad. Talking about the elephant in the room (and giraffes), the low poly assets as well as the usage of monochrome materials give the room a deliberately simple yet distinct look that is underlined by the choice of lights.


(1920 x 1080)
(480 x 270)