Computer graphics: Rendering Competition

In the course "Computer Graphics" we have worked on a raytracer throughout the semester. At the end of the semester, we were tasked to create a scene for our raytracer to render. There have been some complications, but in the end, we got it to work.

Our scene:

Scene Title: "Grazing Cows"

Why we chose this scene

We have tried to trace a lot of different models - both self made, aswell as models available for free on the Internet. There were no issues with importing/making these models in tools like Blender, or MeshLab, however, the problem was the raytracer itself. It was not optimized enough, and rendering all those different models turned out to be too much for either our raytracer or even our computers. Soon after the tracing process began, we ran out of memory. The only model that seemed to be working was the cow model you can see in the scene. There has been some problems with the camera position aswell.

Image highlights

Although our image does not showcase too many features of a raytracer, you can at least see that the models are not intervening with eachother, and also the lighting works just fine.

Third-party material

The model of the cow can be found on this website:

We have used Blender, a free and publicly available 3D computer graphics software toolset, to create the scene in the image and MeshLab, a 3D mesh processing software system.


Raytracer, website & the resulting image made by Kiran Gani & Maksim Moor