Christen Millerdurai
Group-1A Rendering Competition Entry
Computer Graphics 1 - Winter Term 2020/2021


" The classroom we deserve, but not the one we need right now. So we'll not use it. we need social distancing. it's a silent room. A dust magnet. A Dark room."

Since the entire year went off without attending classrooms, all the rooms are dusty and sordid. And air filled with dust and soot.

But, in a parallel earth, spinning 1.5 faster than ours, the vaccine was already administered to everyone and the virus was eradicated completely. And today marks the start of classroom sessions, and the room has been cleaned to a tee commencing a bright future.

Let’s hope this happens to our world soon, so we don’t have to do our classrooms online.


Blender was used to import all assets into the scene. The camera transform was done using blender and the coordiantes were punched, into the ray tracer.


Some of the highlights of the scene.


The app is paramatersied and defaulted to to HD and noon as the time of day. The first parameter is S (SD) or H (HD). And the second parameter, is time of day, M, T, A, N as Morning, Noon, Evening and Night. eg, ./cgray S A ,for SD Evening.








Ray Tracing Depth