Unpleasant Encounter


As a big fan of sci-fi movies, anime, and manga, I knew what kind of image I would like to render to this competition from the very beginning of the course. One of the most impressive moments in such media is an action scene, where the poses of characters can tell the whole story in the picture without any context. The idea of "Unpleasant encounter" came to me after watching my favorite TV-shows, each made its contribution to the final scene. The scene itself represents the desire of a human to explore the unknown, and dangers that he chooses to face during the journey. You might ask, why this picture should be worthy of special attention, but you already answered this question by being attracted by this magnificent scene. The implementation of the scene does not include complex topics, but it is not necessary to build a picture of a decent quality.


Steven Universe

Strangely, this cozy TV-show was the main inspiration for this intense scene. The idea of pursuit by autonomous bloodhound robots was borrowed from the 3rd episode of the 5th season of this show, "Off colors". The main characters are trying to run away from robots, that are searching for runaways in deep caves. This idea can be reflected in the scene, where one of the androids try to protect him and his friend from robonoid with a generated shield. Coincidentally, this ability copies the ability of the main character of the show, Steven, who can also create a magical shield against enemy attacks (see references).

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

The idea of android, bending the laser of a chasing bot, was also inspired by this TV show. In the show finale the main character, Avatar Korra, creates an air barrier, trying to protect an antagonist from the laser gun. Honestly, the poses of two main characters were copied from Korra's and Kuvira's poses (see references).

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Two fugitives on the scene owe their appearance to this famous anime. Starting from the third part of this franchise, "Stardust Crusaders", all main characters can manifest their life energy in the form of battle spirits, called "Stands". Their appearance varies from one stand user to another, starting from fire-breathing bird-human and finishing with... animated rose's stems... and abandoned rusty ships... literally... what a show... But the most common form is a humanoid creature with unique abilities. The form of characters on the scene was inspired particularly by stands named "Golden Experience" and "Sticky Fingers" from 5th part of JoJo Bizzare Adventure, "Golden Wind" (see references).

Third-party materials

Ghost From Destiny

This nice robot played a role of the chaser on our protagonists
Creator: Blender-Man
Licensed under CC BY 3.0 US
The model is available to freely download here

Hexagonal Landscape

An absolutely majestic landscape for my background. The design of view was inspired by manga "Naruto", where one of the main antagonist were able to send enemies into another realm, called Kamui, that looks much like this (see references).
Creator: blendercrazy
Licensed under CC BY 3.0 US
The model is available to freely download here


Two androids, who played the main roles of escapees in this play. Probably not the best choice of shoes, but everything is fine when facing a deadline... I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my close friend, Michael Lebedev, for instant help with changing those models' poses for the scene.
Creator: vAonom
Licensed under CC BY 3.0 US
The model is available to freely download here


Interesting moments and used techniques


The scene consist of 32118 faces, loaded from .obj file. In average, it takes 15 minutes to render an HD image.