The cow was lonely


This scene was created in order to reflect on the path that I went through during this semester. The model of the cow I chose to render was used in the third assignment, to test the BVH. When I first laid eyes on the creature that was born into a black void, with only 3 spheres to accompany it, I felt sorry for it. Thus to commemorate the sacrifice this cow made, I decided to improve its living condition. What started off as a simple cow, whose sole purpose in this world was to be broken into an overwhelming number of pieces to serve as bounding boxes is slowly gaining a new meaning. Through acquiring new objects to change its world with, the cow was now able to observe light an colours, while at the same time experiencing shade. The ability to reflect light in different ways, various light sources - the creation and implementation of such features improved the only world the cow ever knew. To lighten up the area I put the cow into chambers that, despite still being bare rugged, are the closest thing to home this animal has ever experienced. The three spheres in this scene represent the 3 kings - Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar, which visited Christ after his birth to acknowledge his birth. I felt this metaphor important, since the cow is the sole reason the world it lives in exists, thus being akin to the child of Creator.


While the renderer lacks the plethora of sophisticated features that could undoubtedly be added ot it, upon my decision to make the cow from coloured glass, I implemented the colouredglass.cpp class (in the materials). Apart from the model of the cow, the scene was handcrafted.


The pictures below are a reminder of the dark and hollow world the cow was born into