Dino Run

Computer Graphics Rendering Competition
Winter Term 19/20

Conception of the Scene

Everybody knows the little Dino game that you can play when you have no internet, because of the super internet infrastructure in Germany. Maybe you are working on your implementation of a Ray Tracer and want to google something. But then your internet is down. At least you have the little Dino you can play with. I wanted to see how the Dino looks like in 3D and in a more ambient setting.



I use Arealights to create soft shadows. Additionally there are a few Pointlights in the scene. I further added a small chicken onto a cactus, since chickens are descendants of the Pterodactylus.


I only used Features that we had to implement during the practical Assignments. I only added parallelization to the renderer to test faster and use a higher sampling rate per pixel. (renderer.cpp) Further I played with different camera angles.

Implementation Details

  • Rendered on an Intel i5 with 3.50 GHz
  • Only the parallelization was added to the renderer (and a few bug fixes aswell)
  • We used Lambertian Materials and Phong Materials