Enter the dungeon

by Moritz Altmeyer

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As a fan of RPG games like the Elder Scrolls games, my idea was to create an image that represents the first person view of these games. And what's the favorite place of every brave adventurer? Dark dangerouse caves! So I wanted to place my adventurer in such a cave and since the most dangerouse thing in such a dungeon are the monsters I wanted to at one of the most common type of enemies in RPGs: Skeletons.


Building the scene

Different intermediate steps on the way to the final picture

A first version of the cave with simple textures for the cave and the rocks. The sword of the skeleton was hard to see because of the rotation and the cave texture was not very interesting.

After a few iterations the cave and rocks got better textures and a second skeleton entered the cave. Also a few mushrooms grew in the cave.

Then I added fog so that the cave looks more mysterious and tested different light sources.

After placing the light in a hole in the right wall of the cave I realized that the step size of the ray marching was too large and therefore it was possible to see the steps in the fog. So the step size had to be decreased.

The next step was to make the light look more natural by testing different ratios of the RGB values.

The last step was to add the weapon and shield of the adventurer such that it looks like the first person view of the games.

Additional Implementations

To speed up the rendering, BinningSAH was implemented. The implementation can be seen here.
The implementation of the volume rendering of the fog can be seen here.