As big fans of Anime and Manga, we quickly had a general idea as what kind of image we wanted to create. However, while Anime, Manga, and also Cartoons (collectively Labeled as "Anime" from here on, to reduce clutter) are some of the most stylized kind of media available, it often has to follow specific constraints in terms of stlye (it has to carter to a specific audience after all), we could just #YOLO it and do whatever we want. So in the end, we decided to combine Anime-styles with more realistic Physical-based rendering procedures to create something mostly unique. So we sat down and planned what we would like to render.

Examples of Anime-styled Content

The making-of

Since in proper terms, we "are [men] of culture as well", we couldn't just take any 3d model form the internet and call it a day. Unfortunately, neither of us works as a 3d-artist on the side, so the requirements of the anime-part of our image were as follows
1: it needed to be something we both agreed was awesome
2: we had to be able to acquire a textured 3d model from it
3: it had to be appropriate for all-ages (which actually ended up as the biggest constrain in terms of stuff you can find on the internet)
In the end, we remembered that all Koikatsu-mods (If you feel REEEEAAALLLY brave today, google it. otherwise, just follow along and replace each occurrence of it with "Blender") had to be at least creative-commons licensed to end up on my hard drive, so we spun it up and started exporting some models. We finished with combining several hair,body,skin,clothing etc. models to 2 final characters based on the awesome characters Kallen Kaslana and Yae Sakura from the mobile-game "Honkai Impact 3" (feel free to google that one as you please). After we thought we had made a good enough job (which took me about a week, but now it basically looks like we ripped it from tha Game, which of course we DID NOT! but seriously, we didn't do that), we had that settled. Since we were kind of running low on time, we were looking trough some stuff we saw in real life previously, and one of us remembered seeing a small tunnel near his hometown, which had some graffiti applied to it that was basically fluorescent. We ended up taking that idea, and expanding on it to a real highway-tunnel. This ended up opening a few curious possibilities. For instance, since cars are moving at high speed, we could make that a part of the graffiti by taking advantage of motion-blur. Now we just needed an idea as to what kind of graffiti we wanted. One of us joked that since Kallen and Sakura are lesbian, we could just take the rainbow flag. What a stupid idea that was. Like, really, who would do such a thing? Now, since our number one yuri pair is too awesome to just drive everyone and their grandma's BMW, we ended up putting them on a Harley. Fun times getting that triangle count down from 7M+ to less that 300k without degrading quality. Yuck. But well worth it.


This is the image we started with. Not overly interesting or beautiful, I know. But it's only the beginning. Things to note here would be how awesome the ladies already look, as well how nice the asphalt texture is. But I digress. Let's see what happens when we apply some Cel-Shading

Yeah, much better. Now it can be called a proper "stylized" image. It may not be physically correct, but I do find it pretty interesting how it actually feels pretty natural (to me, someone who is exposed to this style on a daily basis. Your mileage may vary). Now, let's try to make these lights into a proper rainbow through motion-blur

Now, this already looks pretty close to what we imaged. Conceptually, we wanted to take the picture from the perspective of someone else driving trough the tunnel (thus experiencing the rainbow effect for themselves) while being overtaken by the ladies on their definitely illegally modified vehicle, thus also adding motion blur to them, since they're faster. I was kind of surprised to see how well the rainbow colors interact with the combined mirror-surfaces of the motorcycle. The asphalt looks pretty realistic as well, almost like in any kind of picture taken from a moving vehicle. At this Point we were already satisfied, but we thought we were missing something that jumps out, the wow-factor. So we added some much-needed glow to everything

So we added some nice reflective fog. The rainbow is now on display extremely well, and just looks the way we wanted. I don't think I need to describe it much here, the image pretty much speaks for itself. How the fog got into the tunnel? Beats me. "But Kallen, isn't it dangerous to drive trough a tunnel with the headlights turned off?" "Dangerous, sure. But worth it. Otherwise peeping toms would only see the light flash when taking pictures of us."


The following features beyond the scope of the required exercises had to be implemented


Technical Details: The reference image was produced on my desktop machiene, rocking an I7-5820k@4.2GHZ, 16GB DDDR4-2133 RAM, and finished in ca. 10 hours and 37 minutes
This pretty much concludes our presentation. I hope you liked the images and the descriptions we gave. If my wacky sense of humor or the numerous references caught you off-guard, well, I'm sorry.
If you find any spelling mistakes, layout issues, or stuff that you think could be much better with more effort, please keep in mind that I'm hearing 7 lectures this semester, and had to pull 4 all-nighters in a row for this. And it still ended like this


Their models have been acquired by adding various Koikatsu-mods together. Unfortunately, since I took the files straight from my personal library, I have no real way to trace back who exactly created each mod. However, this is the list of People that contributed to the mods (to the Best of my Knowledge)
Yamadamod (probably the Hair)
Dam (propbably the Knee Socks)
Earthship (The Jacket)
Huffun (Yae's Outfit)
Roy12(Probably more parts of the outfit)
And some more people I probably missed
All of the Mods (and many more) can be found Here
Original ownership of the characters is held by MiHoYo Inc., all rights reserved (European version of "fair use" applies here (educational))

Original Model by Timofei Shcheglov, licensed under CC BY 3.0 US
The model is available to freely download Here
Some heavy modifications have been made (hard baking of textures, converting for our renderer, reduction of poly count, etc)

Originally Made by Adrian Kubasa, available Here
No explicit License given, only the mention that everyone can use it and share it free and freely

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