by Group K

Duarte David

Yaroslav Mykoliv

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The concept for the image went through various iterations (which can be seen below), although always keeping the theme of connection between beings. In the first concept, many ladybugs would gather arrround a Mandelbulb fractal, as if entranced by it, and connected by it. The image, however, did not work visually. We kept the theme of connection, but we reduced the number of ladybugs. Instead of showing a connection between them, we show them in different places, with one drifting though a lake.

Early concept, rendered with the Cycles engine in Blender 3D.

Why ladybugs?

As seen below in the "Inspiration" section, ladybugs can be very very pretty.

And one more thing

All 3D models were modeled by the group. Some third party images were used for some textures. The list of sources can be found in the project, in assets/sources.txt.

Global Illumination

This detail shows indirect illumination. In "rt/integrators/pathtrace.h", you can find the integrator that computes global illumination in an unbiased way.

Physically Based Shading

We implemented a simplified version of Disney's BSDF's model (as described in --- ), so that we could model realistic materials with ease, with easy to understand parameters. See "rt/materials/disney.h" for more details.

Normal Maps

Details can be mapped on the surface with Normal Maps. See "rt/materials/normalmapped.h" for more details.

Other (small) things ...

Color Correction

Beckmann reflection model