Computer Graphics WS18/19
Rendering Competition Entry

Bengisu Ayan

Scene Description

Omnia Vanitas-All is vanity

I was always interested in art history, particularly 17th century vanity paintings. Admiring the symbolism behind every single object in the painting, I decided to create a vanity scene for my rendering competition entry.

In this scene, the skulls are a reminder of the inevitability of death. Books and the scroll represent the limits and temporary nature of human knowledge. I included candles and flowers to symbolize the fragility of human nature and soul. The mirror balls are a depiction of internal reflection and the necklace represents that wealth is temporary


Mirror Material

You can observe reflection in the mirror balls near the violin. They add both symbolism and richness to the scene

Fuzzy Mirror Material

You can observe fuzzy mirror material in the wine glass and the vase. I think it reminds the viewer of ornaments from Middle Age


I used pointlights for candles but without additional illumination, the scene was really dark. Thus, I added 3 area lights and one more pointlight around the table.


There are a total of 271594 faces in the scene. The rendering takes approximately 50 minutes on a i7 2.6Ghz processor. Both images are rendered with 17 samples.