Praise the Holy Grail (and the Holy Water)

Benedict Strube and Laurin Jansen for Computer Graphics Lecture, Universit├Ąt des Saarlandes, 2018.

Our concept

We started off by arranging a scene on paper. Our first idea was a chalice, filled with glowing spheres in it, on a table with candles and a small mirror next to it. As we were searching for 3D models we noticed, that the chalice we liked looks like a grail. We were truly amazed by the glass material, so we decided to go even further and add a glass object with fluid inside. Our approach was, to create liveliness in our image and to give it a funny background story. So we rearranged our scene by adding little wooden figures, which are praising the grail as a kind of god. One might ask if it isn't just the wine they praise.

Building the scene

We arranged the objects in blender to get the right dimensions and exported them seperately to .obj files (and .mtl files if required) and coded our scene from it. The wooden figures were moved into position using a bone structure added by us:

Originally, the grail had a metal texture and some parts, that did not fit a glass grail. So we edited the grail slightly:

The wine was completely modeled by ourselves, since it has to fit the grail:




The truly hardest part, was to find for what reseachers are searching for for centuries. But finally, we found it - the Holy Grail lives right here: (Please keep the secret, he is quite shy.)

Of course we had multiple other approaches, that we do not want to forget. So here is a little compilation: