Rendering Competition - Group H

Placeholder Picture

Looking down the rabbit hole

Our picture uses a basic concept, the concept of multiple mirrors positioned in a way that it is possible to create a neverending tube; a so called "infinity mirror". We chose it because we think that mirrors especially multiple mirrors can create really impressive effects. Furthermore the "infinity mirror" is a beautiful phenomenon used in many artistic ideas like kaleidoskops in order to create a huge amount of space where there is none.

Our scene constists of a box in which we placed the camera and lights. Two walls, the front and the back are mirrors. Additionally we added a cylinder and a picture on the wall. It was our objective to let these two be repeated over and over again to show the working of the raytracer.

Placeholder Picture

The most interesting part in our picture is the non existing ending of the tube and how it is resolved in the expanse. Other interesting parts are all the colours being rendered correctly and the richness regarding the spectrum. Furthermore it is notable that the leopard is always rendered in a high resolution itself to sustain a high quality picture.

Third Party material:

The participants in this rendering team are: Lukas Michel, Nils Alznauer