Rendering Competition Entry Michael Schenck Verica Lazova

Scene Descriprion

You know that feeling when you get stuck on a project so badly that all you want to do is take your laptop and flush it down the toilet? Instead we decided to take our frustration and render a nice image out of it. The scene represents the process of building our renderer, which didn't always go smoothly as we hoped, but guess what... In the end it all worked out just fine. Cheers!

Disclaimer: No laptop was hurt in the process of rendering this image.

Implementation and Features

We designed the scene using Blender and a set of preexisting models and textures. At the bottom of the page you will find all models that we used to create our scene. The final image was rendered with our ray tracer with all the features implemented throughout the course. Rendering the high quality image took 9h on a i7 2.8GHz processor. Here are some interesting features that you can observe in the image:


The lighting of the scene consists of two area lights, which are responsible producing the soft shadows (the shadow of the table and also the shadow of the ball). There is also a singe spotlight with the ilussion of comming from the lamp. Sphere sampling was used to achieve the lit up light bulb effect on the lamp.

Reflection and refraction

Both reflection and refraction can be observed on the glass ball in the corner. You can see an example of refraction at the bottom of the sphere where a refracted image of the books behind it is produced. You can also see the light sources reflected on the top of the sphere.


(1440 x 1440)
(360 x 360)

Models and textures

Toilet Seat
Picture Frame 1
Picture Frame 2