Broken Objects


The idea was to render a scene where objects appear to be broken and coming towards the camera. To create this effect, I modelled many obj models in blender which should create a feeling of object being broken and coming towards the camera and all pieces in the model should reflect the fly in the eyes of camera. As you can see, there is only fly which is being reflected in various mirrors. I rendered a broken glass material right in front of the camera to create an illusion of watching the entire scene from a broken lens or broken window.

 With  Broken Glass

Other Models

I created and broke various models in blender. I ended up placing the big broken sphere which I made in blender behind the fly . The scrambled pieces behind the fly are two overlapping instances of broken sphere Obj model. The broken sphere looked like this when resized and put in right place to reflect in mirrors.. I ignored depth of field because it took away the essence of mirrors.  

                        Model with DOF                                         Broken Sphere                                


The fly has a specular component if you observe closely on eyes and the back of the fly. Some parts of fly are rendered using phong model. Lambertian materials, mirror materials and glass materials are used for the rest of the scene. 


Experiments with Broken glass models

I tried various shattered glass models with just 1 sample(more samples would have made the glass more clearer) to place

 in front of the camera. They looked like this.

These are the Obj models that I have made from blender for the scene.

Participant : Shishir Reddy Vutukur.

I worked alone for the rendering competition and most part of the assignments.

Resources - Fly model->