Last month, I felt tired, anxioused, and worked without passion. I know this state is not what I want. I should be confident. Later, I always hit myselfy just take a coffee, refresh and be enthusiastic. So I want to create a scene to show this self-encouragement. The backgroud should be a cafe or the interior of a cafe. To make scene look more lively and impression not just static view, an character and a dog are imported. The character looks forward to the door and the book behind her, which means this woman wants to drop books and have a cup of coffee. All models should be low-poly and textures should be high-resolution.


This scene is built in the 3ds Max 2015. After the first rendering, the texture is not clear and some shadow is not good, I modify the original cafe model in 3ds Max for better rendering result. In addtion, I add some props like garbage and cans. There is a total number of 9899 triangels.


The renderer was developed during the assignments. In terms of lighting, I just add a directional light. The entire scene is rendered with 10 samples, using a computer with Intel core i7. It takes 3 hours and 20 minutes.


Bounding Value Hierarchy

Directional Light


Smooth edges



I would like to acknowledge a few sources that helped me in generating the scene.

cafe, dog, woman, garbage

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