Interactive Rendering with Coherent Ray-Tracing

Ingo Wald, Carsten Benthin, Markus Wagner, and Philipp Slusallek 
in Computer Graphics Forum / Proceedings of the EUROGRAPHICS 2001, pp 153-164, 20(3), Manchster, United Kingdom, September 3-7, 2001 

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Some of the still images used in our paper. Note that the framerates are not directly comparable, since some images have been rendered with a single processor, whereas others have been rendered by several pcs in parallel.



The following images are movies that have been captures 'live' off our interactive ray tracing system

All animations have been rendered in 640x480, with 5 dual-Pentium IIIs 

  • Radiosity-lighted Theatre

  • The Radiosity simulation of the MGF Theatre scene was done with Philippe Bekaerts 'Renderpark'. The resulting radiosity solution was then saved in vertex-colored triangles and visualized with out interactive ray tracing system 
    AVI, 16Mb 

    Flat-Shaded Soda Hall The Berkeley Soda Hall (model provided by Philippe Bekaert), flat shaded 
    1.5 million triangles 
    AVI, 12Mb 

  • Radiosity-illuminated Soda Hall

  • Radiosity visualiztion of the Soda Hall. The radiosity solution (again done with Renderpark) resulted in a total of 
    nearly 8 million triangles 
    AVI, 26Mb 
  • Office with Reflections

  • MGF office scene, interactively ray-traced. Ambient shading with ray-traced reflections 
    AVI, 13Mb 
  • Conference Room with Reflections

  • MGF Conference scene. Ambient shading with ray-traced reflections 
    AVI, 18Mb 
  • Office, Full lighting

  • MGF office scene, with full lighting: Ray-traced reflections and shadows from 3 point light sources 
    AVI, 14Mb 
  • Textured Quake Monster

  • Simple Texturing on a Quake monster 
    AVI, 9Mb 
  • Textured Terrain model

  • Texturing on a Terrain scene. 
    1 million textured triangles 
    AVI, 15Mb