Smart Links and Efficient Reconstruction for Wavelet Radiosity



Wavelet radiosity is the unification of two important methods to solve
the radiosity equation: hierarchical radiosity and Galerkin radiosity. Al-
though wavelet radiosity can reap the benefits of both methods, there is
still a lot of overhead and in practice several problems occur. For example,
using Haar wavelets the traditional push-pull scheme leads to obviously
wrong results near common patch boundaries. Moreover, interaction be-
tween partially visible patches leads to unnecessarily fine subdivisions,
and higher order wavelets introduce a significant overhead for low-power
links. In this article we propose a set of smart links that cope with these
problems and can increase both the efficiency of the algorithm and the
quality of the solution.
Additionally, we show how the expensive traditional reconstruction
step that is required for piecewise constant basis functions can be avoided
in the case of atlets.