Blockwise Refinement - A New Method for Solving the Radiosity Problem



Since the introduction of radiosity to computer graphics, many improvements have
been made to lower the time it takes to compute a visually good approximation to the
exact solution of the radiosity equation. Progressive Refinement and Overshooting are
just two of the possibilities.
In this paper we present a new technique to solve the radiosity equation which pro-
vides a fast approximation to the exact solution. This technique solves the Radiosity
Equation by computing an approximate solution for an initial subset of patches, consid-
ered important for the radiosity environment.
This partial result is then refined towards the final solution by choosing other sets of
patches which may have a significant contribution. Thus the new technique reduces the
solution of a large matrix equation to a number of solutions involving smaller matrices.
Finally we analyze and compare the different algorithms for their convergence and
computational complexity. This provides some interesting new results.